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Is There Anything More Powerful Than A First Impression?

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but publishers spend millions on the perfect book cover design because what’s on the outside sells what’s on the inside. Homes are the same way. The impression visitors get in a few seconds as they drive up your driveway and walk up the steps is an impression that sticks.

It is so embarrassing when a driveway has:

  • Cracks with weeds growing through
  • Chips filled with dust and dirt
  • Discoloration and stains
  • Buckling from tree growth or erosion
  • Oil stains and more

Driveway Pavers And Entryway Pavers Make A Difference

Concrete is boring, gets dirty and cracks. Gravel has to be constantly maintained and replaced. Pavers are long-lasting, beautiful and virtually maintenance-free. 

Pavers can be laid in unique and interesting patterns that create visual interest and value; the choices are almost unlimited.

The Perfect Transition From A Warm Greeting Outside To The Welcome Inside.

The openness of Florida homes invite the outside in and require a seamless transition. Sunsations takes all of this into account when we work with you to create the welcoming entry to your home and property.

When it comes to driveway pavers, we do the work but you get the credit for a home that will make you proud and your neighbors envious.

Call us today for a free consultation.  We’ll create the ideal solution at a price that fits your budget.


"From start to finish Sunsation Pools and Spas stayed on schedule, the workmanship was excellent, all workers were courteous and the jobsite stayed clean throughout the project. I will recommend Sunsation Pools & Spas to all my family and friends, Thank you for a job well done."

Charles Frame
St. Petersburg, Florida

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