Pool Decks


Is it time to upgrade your pool deck?

Your pool deck and lanai area are your outdoor living room. Your home probably has the pool as the visual center piece in its layout.  A run down and outdated pool deck area can be embarrassing when you have visitors and you are entertaining. 

Sunsation Pools wants to help you complete a pool renovation with beautiful pool deck designs that are updated and affordable.



How do I know when it’s time to renovate the pool deck?

  • If your pool deck is cracked and mildewed…
  • If you have drainage problems that result in water stains on the deck…
  • If you have painted your deck so many times that is now slippery when wet…

Why modernize your pool deck and lanai?
The wear and tear of weather, family activity and time can really take its toll on your outdoor living space. If you need to renovate your pool it is a great time to also update your pool deck area.

Just like the inside of your home, styles change. When you realize the carpet is outdated (and a little thread-bare), the walls are just not the updated color you’d like any more you know it’s time to make a change. Your outdoor living space is very much the same.

Today, there are a wide range of new surfaces, both natural and man-made, that are more attractive and do a great job of marrying the look inside your home with the living space outside your home and around the pool.

We feature:

  • Pavers of every size, shape and color
  • Travertine, marble and other unique natural stone
  • Textural Acrylics that are long lasting, and a cost effective renovation solution.
  • River Rock, Stamped Concrete

Steve Buscema is a licensed and certified mason. 
He knows how to turn your vision into reality
Steve and his team have more than twelve years experience in pool and deck design they know how to create The Perfect Transition From The Inside Of Your Home Outside, Onto The Lanai.

If you are looking for the ideal pool deck renovation solution in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties Sunsation Pools should be your first choice.

When it’s time to update the lanai or renovate your pool deck, it’s time to call Sunsation Pool and Spas.


"I would highly recommend Sunsation Pools & Spas. The service was excellent and they were fairly priced considering the top quality work they provided. I am so pleased with the pool and paver deck. I truly enjoy relaxing around My stunning pool area. Thank you Steve & Crew!"

Lisa Haber
Odessa, Florida


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