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Sunsation Pools and Spas is owned and operated by Steven Buscema
Steve has more than fifteen years of experience in the pool renovation and construction industry.  Steven is licensed as a Florida State Certified Commercial and Residential Pool Contractor. He is also a licensed Mason.  These licenses along with years of experience in the Tampa Bay Area, means Sunsation Pools and Spas can offer a wide variety of pool, spa, and deck solutions. Our experience, knowledge and pride in a job well done means you get quality results that will make you happy for years to come.
Sunsation Pools & Spas specializes in commercial pool and spa construction and renovation of existing commercial swimming pools and spas. We work closely with the health department throughout the project to final inspection. We understand the need to be on schedule, coordinate the process in a timely manner, and limit the affect of construction to a minimal area.

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Outstanding! Exemplary Workmanship! Professional! Detail oriented! Attentive!


I cannot say enough about Sunsation Pool’s owner Steve, his office manager Josephine, their supervisor Zach and their salesman Craig.

As a retired trial lawyer, having followed a recent Hillsborough County case in which a pool contractor absconded with over $1 million I was very hesitant to build a pool. I therefore contacted 17 pool companies to bid the job. Upon questioning each I quickly determined that most were fly by night having no standing office nor their own equipment such as dump trucks back hoes etc.

Upon calling Sunsation Josephine had Craig come out the very next morning with an entire package of 30 plus pool designs and all of their insurance and bonding information included. I went way overboard and they worked for me on every aspect and did it perfectly!

I am extremely detail oriented. Every aspect of the pool met and exceeded my expectations.

I cannot recommend enough, Steve and his office manager/loving mother Josephine and the entire crew at Sunsation Pools, for their exemplary workmanship and professional and polite demeanor.

John W Scott.

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Planning your unique pool project is much easier when you can decide on the perfect layout visually, even before the construction process begins. By using CAD software, we will make sure your expectations are met and you can see your plans with complex 3D graphics. Take a look at a recent before and after image example, when you are ready to work with us, call or contact us for your FREE Consultation.

Sunsation Pools Featured in The New Barker Magazine


Story and photographs by Anna Cooke

   We all like to think we are the best pet parents, doting on our dogs with appointments to the salon for spa groomings, feeding them high-quality food, giving them lots of toys, and providing them with comfy beds, laps to sit on and lots of love.

   Safety at home is a top priority for pet parents, inside and outside. We make sure to always be aware of where our pets are; remembering to never leave them unattended outdoors. Until, for that one split second when we’ve become distracted.
   Ed and Marsha Droste have two adorable French Bulldogs, Pete and Shorty. The dogs are named after the restaurant concept, Pete & Short’y’s, co-founded by Ed, an original founder of the original Hooters. The family lives in a beautiful waterfront home with a swimming pool.
   Having done a lot of research on the Frenchie breed, the Drostes were well aware of their inability to swim. Their legs are generally too short to effectively doggy paddle. In fact, the heavy-bodied dog with the oversized head does not even float. Experience shows, and stories abound, once Frenchies start sinking, they go all the way, and they won’t be able to swim back to the surface.
   A French Bulldog Rescue site includes this dire warning in you’re considering adopting a Frenchie:”You can see your dog fall in the pool from 20 yards away. You run as fast as you can, jump in with all your clothes on, swim to the bottom of the pool, and bring him to the surface all in less than a minute, and you still lose him. Why would you risk it?”
   There had been close calls around the pool with Pete and Shorty. Ed worked with them in and around the pool, making sure they knew how to get out should they fall in. The couple took extra precautions with layers of protection methods including the use of lifejackets, never leaving them unattended, and being ever diligent about keeping the barriers up between their house and the pool.
   “We were obsessed with their safety around the pool.” said Marsha.
   Then, it happened.
   “I hear the splash in the pool, and realize the dogs have managed to get outside while we were all indoors,” said Marsha. “I had to jump in the pool with my bathrobe on. Pete was already sinking all the way to the bottom of the pool.”
   Pete was okay, thanks to Marsha’s quick thinking. But, that was it. Marsha and Ed were determined to make big changes, and right away.
  The thought of having the pool removed entirely briefly crossed the couple’s mind, until they spoke with the designers at Sunsation Pools.
   “We may be the only people to have ever demolished a pool and have it redesigned just for the safety of our dogs,” Marsha said, laughing.
   Throughout the design process, many adjustments were made to keep making it dog-friendlier.|
   “I think they thought we were crazy,” said Ed. “Then they realized that we were serious.”
   Once the original pool was demolished, construction on the new pool took about another 4 months. Form followed function as the most important design features are clearly for the benefit of Pete and Shorty.
   A built-in “bench” was constructed all around the perimeter on the inside of the pool. Ostensibly, the dogs can step down onto the submerged bench and be in just about two inches of water.

The pool design includes two sun shelves, one on either end of the pool. The flat shallow areas allow the dogs to wade in water, again, only a couple of inches deep.
 With total focus on the safety of their dogs, Ed and Marsha spared no expense, nor were any compromises made for their own personal enjoyment. The results are a beautiful, modern, sleek design that is safer and more comfortable. It gets a lot of use from the whole family. Well, almost everyone.
    “Shorty enjoys walking around the entire pool in the water, now,” said Marsha. “Pete doesn’t want to have anything to do with the water. But, he’s always nearby.”
   Rest assured, the entire process of putting in a new, safer pool has not made the Drostes complacent about water safety. All other precautions previously taken for Pete and Shorty with the old pool are still in place with the new pool.


The options for new swimming pools and spas or remodeling your existing pool are only limited by your imagination. Our innovative team at Sunsation Pools and Spas can help you choose from a variety of inground pool, spa, and deck options with a variety of finishes, colors, and designs.  Sunsation Pools and Spas uses only the highest quality products to ensure an excellent end result lasting for years to come.

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Steven’s success is based on his desire to stay educated and up to date in every facet of the pool construction process. That is the only way we can ensure your job is handled properly from start to finish.


New Pool Construction

Sunsation Pools and Spas can help you choose from a variety of inground pool, spa, and deck options with a variety of finishes, colors, and designs.


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The options for new swimming pools and spas or remodeling your existing pool are only limited by your imagination


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Sunsation Pools and Spas will provide you with a free estimate. We look forward to helping you make your outdoor living space vision a reality.


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 Sunsation Pools and Spas uses only the highest quality products to ensure an excellent end result lasting for years to come.

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"Sunsation Pools is best in class! As a custom homebuilder, it is refreshing to subcontract to a company that we don’t have to worry about. We have seen a lot of pool companies come and go, none measure up to the service and quality that Sunsation Pools & Spas delivers. When we have pool and decking needs, we call Sunsation Pools and move on to our other work with peace of mind.""
Stylistic Design Custom Homes
Port Richey, Florida
"As a commercial property manager I am so pleased to share good news about a local pool company. Sunsation Pools and Spas provided quality work in a timely manner along with exceptional customer service. They made the process easy. I will definitely recommend and use Sunsation Pools in the future"
Jamie Soderland, Management and Associates
Oldsmar, Florida
"I would highly recommend Sunsation Pools & Spas. The service was excellent and they were fairly priced considering the top quality work they provided. I am so pleased with the pool and paver deck. I truly enjoy relaxing around My stunning pool area. Thank you Steve & Crew!"
Lisa Haber
Odessa, Florida
"From start to finish Sunsation Pools and Spas stayed on schedule, the workmanship was excellent, all workers were courteous and the jobsite stayed clean throughout the project. I will recommend Sunsation Pools & Spas to all my family and friends, Thank you for a job well done."
Charles Frame
St. Petersburg, Florida
"Sunsation Pools & Spas did a great job! They helped me shape my ideas into a beautiful pool area. Sunsation Pools was fairly priced, completed the work on time and the end result is more than I dreamed. My ordinary backyard is now a tropical oasis!"
Catherine Pellicane
Holiday, Florida

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